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    A Step Towards Recovery from Anxiety

    I had a nervous breakdown in 2006, working for a multi-national finance company. My manager was a bully - the nastiest person I had...

    Battlefield With Anxiety

    Having anxiety is not easy at all. You never know when will it strike or what will trigger it. There are days when I can walk into the gym and just have a total panic attack.

    My Battle with Anxiety

    Have you learned anything new about yourself after you got Diagnosed? What is that? Share to Raise Awareness! Everyone's story is different, but mine started...

    A Wonder Woman as My Therapist Says

    Who supports you when you feel anxious? Comment below to show your support! My name is Adele and I’m 36 years old. I was diagnosed...

    I Dedicate My Life to Helping Others

    Do you help others? How? Tell us in the Comments! Once I began volunteering at my local shelters. Seeing some of the side effects of...

    The Night Things Changed

    How did you manage to overcome your anxiety? Tell us in the comments! Three years, 5 months, and 17 days. We have never been apart...

    Surviving Panic Attacks

    Hi, my name is Megan. I would like to share some of my journey living with Anxiety and Panic Attacks. I will never forget when I had my very first panic attack.

    Oxidative Stress: The Cause of Diseases

    I have learned from doctors and my own due diligence how oxidative stress is the cause of diseases. As I look at the list of diseases to choose from, I am reminded of how oxidative stress is the cause of many. I share with you the site that will give you factual information.