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    To My Abusers

    What helped you to overcome your fear? Share to Show your Support! To My Abusers, To the woman that adopted me and put on the...

    The Little Girl Trash?

    She was only 6 years old. Scared…..feeling worthless. And a little bit lonely. But Abigail knew that if she left that basement Papa was...

    My Family and Country Failed Me

    Do you feel protected by the system? Share to show your support! There was a female that was born in New York in the late...

    The Struggle of a Wife

    I thought I was alone and kind of embarrassed by the way I was acting until I found out what was really going on with me, I knew it wasn't normal behavior but I have been going through it for a long time until I decided to get some help.

    Depression and Anxiety Caused by Abuse

    When I was a young child, I was sexually abused by my stepdad. My mother did not believe me even when the state took me away and gave custody to my grandparents. She stayed with this man for 2 years after he had been to jail for not only abusing me but two other girls in our neighborhood.

    Abuse, Anxiety, PTSD, and Depression Survivor

    Where to start? I grew up in a family with good funds and resources but it wasn't a healthy childhood. I didn't follow in my biological father's or birth certificate father's footsteps of drug and alcohol abuse or promiscuity. Since I went through so much, it scared me into not doing those kinds of things.

    Abuse: My Past, Future and Happiness

    As a child, I grew up having to live it rough. My dad had issues with drug and alcohol abuse. He'd always yell at my mom and hit her. I experienced verbal abuse while growing up.

    Abuse: The Day the Levy Breaks

    Most days, I try my best to be okay. However, I wear my mask well, I have years of practice. People ask me how I'm doing and a million memories of past abuse run through my mind. I simply just smile and with enthusiasm say, "I'm great!!! How are you?" when, in fact, I'm not okay.