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    Deep Blue – The Depression You Don’t Even Know is There

    I’ve been wondering, can clinical depression lurk dormant in your DNA and suddenly appear out of the blue? Maybe it can be triggered by...

    Link Between Crohn’s Disease and Depression

    Is Crоhn’ѕ diѕеаѕе linked tо Depression? Firѕt, let’s make sure wе have the meanings сlеаr. Depression саn bе described аѕ a general lоw feeling аnd the...

    Feeling Normal for the First Time at 65

    I have walked hand in hand with depression, anxiety, PTSD since I can remember. I was an abused child and never remember not having...

    How to Manage Emotional Problems and Stress With Rheumatoid Arthritis

    Living with a chronic condition can be a huge source of emotional problems and stress. Much of it stems from the uncertainty we feel...

    How Depression Has Controlled My Life

    I can't remember when it started. I just remember a moment in time. I hurt, pain so unbearable but unrecognizable. I confided in someone...

    Home Therapies to Avoid Depression

    The word Depression is a very broadly and vaguely used word. When people feel gloomy or sad or stuck and when they randomly Google...

    Up and Then Down

    As time goes by, you have moments of happiness and elation. Even in those moments, you may have a moment where you feel down....

    A selfless act

    Now looking back at the last 40 long and sorrow filled years of my life, it is truly a miracle that I have not only survived, but have also managed not to let them define me as many tend to do. That I somehow managed to struggle through them all alone and had used all of my pain and sorrow as a strength instead of a weakness...