The Night Things Changed


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Three years, 5 months, and 17 days. We have never been apart for longer than 2 weeks. But on this one night, our whole world changed. The next morning he would fly to the other side of the country while I stayed behind in good ol Florida.

Now, as some backstory. We lived together before we started dating, so we have been used to living together for about four whole years. This is a huge change for us. We were apart for two weeks when I was out of town for some training for my job. But we knew exactly what day I would be coming home and hey, it was only two weeks. This time is different. I don’t know when I’ll see him again. I don’t know how long it’s going to take. And the not knowing is what is eating me alive inside.

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But, they do say distance makes the heart grow fonder. And I will say we have grown a little closer since being apart. We have had a lot of time to reflect on everything we have been through in the past four years and really address our own issues without feeling overpowered or overshadowed by one another. Plus, we always try to help each other that we often forget to help ourselves and now is the perfect time to do that.

On the plus side, things are already working out way better for us than we really expected them to. We already have leads on our own house, we both have amazing jobs to sustain our new, west coast lifestyle. And we both couldn’t be happier. The only thing that will make life better is when we are together again.

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If you have a long distance relationship, how do you deal with the distance? It’s so hard on you, but also makes you so much stronger. I love to hate it. But this man. This man is more than worth it.

How did you manage to overcome your anxiety? Tell us in the comments!