My Painful Endometriosis Journey

I’m not someone who usually chooses to discuss my endo story fully. It’s hard having nobody you can fully delve into discussions with who...

My life with endo

Looking back it started around the age of 13. I started having heavy and irregular periods. Painful periods. I would bleed constantly for months...


It all started with horrible pains and then I got my period when I was 10. The pains kept getting worse. I went to...

Endometriosis Stole a Part of My Life

If there was one thing you could say to help people understand Endometriosis, what would it be? How would you describe it? Share to...

My Life With Endometriosis and Ovarian Cancer

Did you have any unusual symptoms before you got your diagnosis? Share to Show your Support! As a teenager, I’ve always had heavy and painful...

Struggling with Infertility

How did your condition begin and progressed to where it is today? Show your Support by Commenting! I started having horrible periods when I was...

Endo Life for Me

What was the biggest challenge after being diagnosed? Share to Raise Awareness! When I was 14 years old I got my first period, which was...

An Isolated Life

What was the biggest challenge after being diagnosed? Show your Support by Commenting! Being an aerospace engineer, it is the toughest struggle every day to...
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