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My Healing/Non-Healing Journey

I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my hip joint and told that the pain would increase gradually by each step I take, as it will grind away another layer of my almost non-existing cartilage.

A Knee Replacement Surgery Fear

I have both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, as well as Ulcerative Colitis and Asthma. Despite all of that at 63 I have a wonderfully full and busy life, But I do everything in pain.

Staying Grateful and Strong with Advanced Osteoarthritis

I am a single, 65-year-old male who is currently in the throughs of advanced osteoarthritis and spinal stenosis. I received my diagnosis several years ago but I had no idea how dramatically profound this illness would advance.

Accepting My Disability

Do you manage to Stay Positive despite your disability? Share and Comment to show your Support! I have been dealing with decreasing health for many years now...

My Mom Helped Me with My Osteoarthritis Journey

Who is the Biggest Support in your Osteoarthritis Journey? Show your support by Commenting! I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis several years ago. Osteoarthritis runs in my family for several...
hip replacement

I Had Double Hip Replacement Due to Osteoarthritis

What was your biggest Challenge when dealing with Osteoarthritis? Show your support by Commenting! I have always been very active since a young age. Never did I...

Living with Osteoarthritis and Without Painkillers

What helps you to Feel Better? Take a Read, Comment to show your Support and Share if you can Relate. I am 61 years old and...

I Have Osteoarthritis in My Right Hip

What do you think, can working out help with Osteoarthritis? Can it make the pain better or worse? Take a Read, Comment to show your...
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