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    Heart and Brain in Sync

    When the heart and brain are out of balance, the sine waves between the two are jagged and spiked. On the other hand, when the heart and brain are in sync, the sine waves are rounded like ocean waves.

    An Agent Orange Legacy

    And a miracle happened, I was finally set free. I had finally accepted my illness. I allowed myself to be miserable, and boy did I show it. Now I am in stage 4 of depression and moving into stage 5.

    Heart Failure and Everyday Fight

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    I saw an Angel after my Heart Surgery

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    Graves Disease

    I was Diagnosed with Graves Disease and I have to Live...

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    My Dark, Downward Spiral

    What was the First Symptom of your Heart Condition? Show your support by Commenting! My story begins with me as a hard-working man, working day and night...