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An “Alice In Wonderland” World for Survivors

We create an "Alice in wonderland" world for survivors and then laugh at them for being crazy.

A Ballad of Negative Symptoms

Can you relate to this poem?

Find your gear: natural reaction, or disorder?

That's what my Post Traumatic Stress Diagnosis (PTSD) feels like to me. The engine's running at full speed, even hitting that red zone sometimes, but I get nowhere. It feels like I'm living in neutral.

The importance of Mental Health

What are the ways your Family helps you cope during bad days? Share to Show your Support! Hello, my name is Michael. I am 18...

My Complicated Life

Did your diagnosis affect your emotional and mental health? How? Share to Show your Support! Ever since I was a teen, I have been tired...

Damaged After a Car Accident

What do you do to Improve your Mental Health? Tell us in the Comments! My story begins on January 28th, 2017 when I got ran...

My Way to Recovery

I spent my middle school years and the first half of high school trying to be accepted by the people there. In a town full of wealthy people, the only friends I was able to make were the degenerates. I started drinking and taking drugs because I wanted to be accepted.

Mental Health: The Big Pay Back

Mental health is very important. It's very important because it can affect you for a lifetime if you don't find some sort of recovery or if you don't recover properly. Only we know what we think about and only we can take a stand and change our thinking, our habits, our surroundings and our Mental Health.
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