How Far Away From a COVID-19 Cure Are We Theoretically?

Drug discovery Scientists, healthcare givers, and other stakeholders in the health sector have been busy in the past few months with a...

Strengthen Your Immune System Against COVID-19

COVID-19 has spread to almost every state and has been declared a pandemic. If we have a strong immune system, we are...

The Symptoms of COVID-19 You Should Know About

COVID-19, also known as novel coronavirus 2019, has a wide range of symptoms, from respiratory problems, to gastrointestinal symptoms.

Thousands of volunteers sign up to be exposed to COVID-19, Here’s...

Over 16,000 people have volunteered to sign up to be infected with COVID-19. This might sound crazy to some but to scientists...

What anyone with a Medium to High-Risk Health Condition should know...

People medium to high-risk health conditions are at a higher risk for the severe illness of COVID-19.

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