Find your gear: natural reaction, or disorder?

    That's what my Post Traumatic Stress Diagnosis (PTSD) feels like to me. The engine's running at full speed, even hitting that red zone sometimes, but I get nowhere. It feels like I'm living in neutral.

    My C-PTSD Story

    After that whole ordeal, I replayed everything in my head and realized how grateful I was for the first responders and my CureUp C-PTSD card.

    11 years of hell

    I suffer from Complex PTSD and Severe Anxiety. I am 25, and life has only gotten harder after my diagnosis at 13. I was raped 365 days a year for 11 years. Sounds impossible, but it's not.

    Sexual assault caused my PTSD

    What helps you move forward on difficult days? Share to Show your Support! I was sexually assaulted by my biological father after meeting him. It...

    A better future for me and my love

    How hard would you fight for love? Share to Show your Support! September 2018, I met the love of my life. I still remember the...

    I am a Rape Victim

    What words do you need to remember on your bad days? Share to Show your Support! My troubles started when I fell in love with...

    The Silent Victim

    What was the biggest challenge after being diagnosed? Show your Support by Commenting! It turns out I have been diagnosed with chronic PTSD. The trigger...


    What was your first Reaction when you got your Diagnosis? Share to Show your Support! I survived physical, emotional and sexual abuse at the hands...
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