Healing Happens!

I have shared in my previous story about my journey to eczema. I've been dealing with it for quite a long time. Glad to say that I'm on a healing process now. Upon trying so many products and medicines that didn't work. I have discovered a website that would change my perspective about eczema. I always thought it's a disease that gets worse when you eat certain foods that may trigger them. I've been so careful with the food I eat but it just doesn't work at all.

Eczema: Scar Queen

When I was 8 years old I started getting patches all over my body. Huge, red, itchy, patches. It took an Ear, Nose and Throat doctor to diagnose my eczema and give me a steroid ointment that saved my life.

Journey to Conquer Eczema

What kinds of Changes in your Lifestyle have you Made? Did it Help? Comment and Share to Help Others! One good asset of a woman...

My Eczema Story

When did your Eczema first appear? Show your support by Commenting! My story is about eczema. It all started after I had my second kid. It was...

My Skin Condition Put Me Through Hell

When I was a newborn, I started having issues with my skin from the moment my mother gave me milk. I couldn’t drink milk, so my parents gave me soymilk instead. I cried a lot as a baby because my skin was torn open all the time.

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