An Eighty Year Old’s Psoriasis Story


I have found psoriasis to manifest itself in so many forms and locations on the human body its almost like it customizes itself depending on the individual. Nothing in common amongst us with its presentation. And everyone has a different reaction to whatever treatment they are experimenting with at the moment.

Most creams/lotions reverse any initial signs of relief and turn against you in a week or so. Yes, I am aware of its internal origin (the gut), but it seems like medicine should have reached a point of one size fits all even just to relieve the horrible itch for this insidious malady. Now I am beginning to have vision problems another manifestation of psoriasis too.

I wish there was a place for all of us with psoriasis like a Leaper’s Colony where I could scratch in peace with a fine filtered vacuum to clean up the trail of sandy shed skin and a hot tub full of one of those prescribed skin care creams then rinse it off before it starts up the next round of itching. The scratching almost reaches an intense level with me the relief so marvelous then I am contrite with the spotted bleeding and the possibility of infection.

I’ve got a vivid imagination but something like this invading my life at a time of casket shopping in my 80s is just cruel.

– Justice4Joie