I Dedicate My Life to Helping Others


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Once I began volunteering at my local shelters. Seeing some of the side effects of animals being treated with over the counter medications that were meant for animals, I started looking into it further and found a list, which grows by the day, of companies doing animal experiments from makeup to insecticides to PET FOOD. Some animals died due to the nervous system and organ shut down. I immediately took my original list and started a walkthrough of my home and discarding anything that was used in animal testing along with the companies involved.

We live in a different world with empathy towards all animals, not just pets or domesticated animals and don’t see a reason for any form of life to suffer so my lashes look fuller or household cleaners to be more effective. It costs money to buy from brands that don’t do animal testing and can be challenging while planning a shopping trip, but it’s all worth it in the end.

I am currently a vegetarian transitioning to being a full time vegan and feel so much healthier, happier and less guilty in my everyday choices. I’ve realized it’s not just about animals suffering, but my own health has improved. It’s crazy how the effects of animal flea and ear meds were what shook me into a whole new realm of a lifestyle I wasn’t aware of after paying attention and doing some simple research.

Do you help others? How? Tell us in the Comments!