My Family Helps Me with the Migraines

Who is your biggest support when you are in pain? Show your support by Commenting!   I started getting migraines I would say after I gave birth...

The Struggle With ADHD

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Dealing with Vestibular Migraines

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What having Lupus is Like for Me

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Online Support Can Be the Best Medicine

Have you learned anything new about yourself after you got Diagnosed? What is that? Share to Raise Awareness! I have had migraines since I was...

How I Overcame Anxiety

Did my story help you face your anxiety? Share to show your Support!  Anxiety. Travels. I’m sure you’ve experienced it before. Anxiety travel is my own phrase I...

Today Will Be Amazing, Unless I Get a Migraine

What is the worst part for you of having a Migraine? Share to show your Support!  I am on day 13 without a migraine. I’m afraid to say...

Psoriasis and Love

Is it hard for you to let your Guard Down for the ones you care about? Share and Comment to show your Support! As if love...

Blessings of ADHD

ADHD, it's four letters that cart ever longer words. My ADHD is both a curse and a blessing. I've had to come to terms with it. Like many others I was told "You'll grow out of it". That didn't happen, actually it got worse.



I’ve Lost Too Many People because of My Anxiety

What did you lose because of your Anxiety? Show your support by Commenting! Anxiety has caused me a lot. Family, friends, money. Read more: My worst enemy...

Acne Cure or Simple and Effective RA Treatment

by Claire Ferguson, M.A. When I was about 12, I started having severe acne. My mom took me to...

Living with Migraines

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How I Overcame my Gaming Addiction

Have you ever struggled with this kind of addiction? Share this Story to Raise Awareness! I...

Losing My Twin Girls at 22 Weeks Pregnant

When I found out I was pregnant, I was 18 years old and still living with my mother. I immediately moved out. I felt that if I can make the decision to get pregnant, I could live and support the child on my own.

Beverages: What to avoid and how to Indulge!

In taking on diabetes, some of the first things your health professionals will...

An Insight on How a Person with Dementia Feels

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I was Diagnosed with ADHD

Should ADHD be treated with medications? Tell us in the comments! I was diagnosed with ADHD...


colorectal cancer

Not Typical Cancer Symptoms

I was diagnosed at the age of 42 on May 12th, 2017 with stage 3 colorectal cancer. I had been experiencing "bowel issues" for almost 2 years prior to my diagnosis. Easily explained away as stress (I was in pharmacy school at the time). Also my younger sister had recently been diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. We had no previous family history of any types of cancer.

Up and Then Down

Pain Management


Why Does The Sun Hate Me? My Life With Migraines

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Is it Possible to have a Successful career while Suffering from...

Do you manage to Pursue your Career? Take a Read, Comment on the Blog to show your Support and Share if you can Relate. I’m...

Calcium Deficiency as a Reason for my Condition

The reason that this condition develops is a calcium deficiency. You really need to make sure you are getting enough calcium in your daily diet. Drinking milk, yogurt and other food rich in calcium is much better than suffering from this kind of pain.

Psoriasis is taking my life away

How did your medicine affect your body? Have you experienced any side-effects? Share to Show your Support! It all started with strep throat at the...