July 23, 2019

What does your Zodiac sign say about your Health?

Did you know that depending on your sign, you are more prone to develop some health conditions?
June 25, 2019

Battlefield With Anxiety

Having anxiety is not easy at all. You never know when will it strike or what will trigger it. There are days when I can walk into the gym and just have a total panic attack.
June 14, 2019

PCOS Trouble to a Woman’s Life

The doctors used the hair, my high blood pressure, the cyst eruption, my low estrogen count, and high testosterone levels for the PCOS diagnosis.
May 31, 2019

Diabetes does this?!

I was 25 when after having to get up at least 5 times a night to use the bathroom and my unquenchable thirst. I went to the doctor. He did a few tests, and when he got to the bloodwork, my veins draw glucose level was 927.
May 28, 2019

11 years of hell

I suffer from Complex PTSD and Severe Anxiety. I am 25, and life has only gotten harder after my diagnosis at 13. I was raped 365 days a year for 11 years. Sounds impossible, but it's not.
May 13, 2019

Fighting my multiple addictions

Being addicted to meth and feeling like I need to be praised for the things I do or getting the feeling I'm loved by anyone I'm talking to or around and realizing that I don't need the approval of people, but of Jesus cause in the end.
September 16, 2019

Preeclampsia in my First Pregnancy

When I was 25, I got pregnant with my first child. I expected an easy pregnancy, but that is not what I got! I had a lot of morning sickness early on and lost quite a bit of weight.
September 5, 2019

My struggle with bipolar disorder

I've been suffering from having bipolar disorder probably my whole life, just didn't have the exact diagnosis until recently. I never knew what was wrong with me, or why I've done the things I've done or felt the way I have all my life.
September 4, 2019

Exercise as a way to manage Fibromyalgia and CFS

On December 2018, I decided to stop the medication and find relief elsewhere, because the secondary effects were just horrible. Being in medications for almost 5 years had made my body highly resistant to them.
July 31, 2019

Living with Traumatic brain injury (TBI)

One night I was going to drive home for Thanksgiving break and knew I had to stay awake. I bought something that could help, started driving, got scared of cops, stuck the straw in the gram bag, and snuffed it all in, overdosing and immediately giving me a seizure.