Disabled? Not me!

I hope that, the pain-free days will come more and more often, and that the moment will come when I will scream to the world... Disabled? NOT ME!

Lifelong Suffering from Migraines

Is your family there for you when you are in pain? Share to show your support! I am 20 years old and I have been...


Life with Psoriasis

My Pain Story – I Have HCP (Hereditary Coproporphyria)

What were the first symptoms you noticed? Tell us in the comments! My pain started quite young at around the age of nine.  That was my first...
hospital mother

Story of My Depression

How did your condition begin and progressed to where it is today? Share to show your Support!  Iwas only 10 when my mom wanted to move...

My Sudden Diabetes Diagnose that Changed My Life

How did the Diabetes change your Life? Show your support by Commenting! When I was 37 years old I worked at a supermarket. I had 13 years...

How Asthma Affected my Life

What’s the first thing you do when you have an Asthma Attack? Show your support by Commenting! Well, to describe the first episode of my attack I would...
fruit loops

Life is too Short to Count your Fruit loops

When did your Eating Disorder start? Share it in the Comments Below! By: Olivia Dolley Growing up in life I knew with my life I would always...

Pain for a Beautiful Baby

About 3 years ago, I found out I was pregnant. I was excited but I didn't want to get too excited as I knew if you are going to miscarry, it's likely to happen in the first trimester. Thus began the anxiety. About 16 weeks in pregnancy I began to wonder how did anyone enjoy being pregnant. I'd never once heard anyone say anything other than how in love they were with their baby.

Living with the Wrong Diagnosis

Did you feel a relief when you got your Diagnosis? Show your support by Commenting! I’ve always been seen as slightly off by those around me....



I Have an Eating Disorder and I Can’t Fully Recover

Did you manage to Defeat your Eating Disorder? Show your support by Sharing and Commenting! As a child, I had always been very thin and extremely...

My Family Helps Me with the Migraines

Who is your biggest support when you are in pain? Show your support by Commenting!   I started getting migraines I would say after I gave birth...

Preterm Labor Risk

It all started when I had a car accident and went into a preterm labor. I was in the car with my brothers going to get something to eat. All of sudden we came to a red light and a blue Ford Focus smacked the back of the car. I hit the window instantly. I went to the hospital the same day and they told me I was going into labor.

My Battle with Autoimmune Disorders

What was your first thought when you got diagnosed? Take a Read, Comment to show your...

I’ve had Migraines for as Long as I can Remember

When did your Migraines start? Take a Read, Comment on the Blog to show your...

PTSD Induced by Divorce

What helps you move forward on difficult days? Show your support by Commenting! I was a happy,...

How Long Until People Believed You Had Endo? For me, it was 10 years.

There is no known cause of Endometriosis and no unique cure. Take a Read, Comment on...

Celebrities You Probably Didn’t Know Have Endometriosis

Were you Surprised by the names that came up? Who else do you know that...


Calcium Deficiency as a Reason for my Condition

The reason that this condition develops is a calcium deficiency. You really need to make sure you are getting enough calcium in your daily diet. Drinking milk, yogurt and other food rich in calcium is much better than suffering from this kind of pain.


Relief from Lifelong Asthma

Did you manage to get some relief from asthma? Share and Comment to show your Support! I am a 28-year-old female who was diagnosed with activity induced...

Up and Then Down

As time goes by, you have moments of happiness and elation. Even in those moments, you may have a moment where you feel down....

Online Support Can Be the Best Medicine

Have you learned anything new about yourself after you got Diagnosed? What is that? Share to Raise Awareness! I have had migraines since I was...

Help Yourself Heal

What helps you to feel better? Share and Comment to show your Support! I have been through a lot lately and I struggle with depression....