Two Decades of Struggle with Diabetes

What words do you need to remember on your bad days? Show your Support by Commenting! Hello, I am a 36 type 1 diabetic. I...

From the Beginning

Did you develop any habits to improve your health? Share to Show your Support! Hi, my name is Doug Campbell. I live in San Tan,...

Trying to Live a Stress-Free Life

What was the biggest challenge after being diagnosed? Show your Support by Commenting! Hello, my name is Joseph Brokos. I would like to tell you...

Chinese Food and Diabetes

What do you do before Eating something that is Bad for your Diabetes? Tell us in the Comments! Hello, my name is Joseph Brokos and...

Diabetes – A Wake-Up Call for Changing Eating Habits

What helps you move forward on difficult days? Share to Raise Awareness! I have been overweight for many years. A few months ago, my doctor...

A Coincidence: I Have Diabetes

I was diagnosed with Diabetes at the age of 26. I first had signs of it while I was pregnant with my second baby. Four months after I had the baby, I was not feeling well at all. I was weak, really tired, dizzy, lightheaded and really thirsty. I had my mom just out of Curiosity check my sugar with her meter, and it was 688.

Having Diabetes and Feeling Alone

My name is Lenita Miller, 58 years old. I've got type 2 diabetes, I'm unemployed and I live alone with my 8-year-old pet named Tweenie. I feel lonely sometimes looking for a company. I don't go anywhere except on Wednesdays when my care provider comes.

Help Needed: Diabetes Sufferer

I am truly struggling with this disease. I have been diabetic for over ten years now, and I want to improve my life by eating right and get over this horrible disease. I am over forty years old and just would like to know if there is anything I can do to help with getting better.

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