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    Great Diets to Reduce Acne

    Acne is a difficult situation to deal with and it has many negative consequences that are hard to ignore. It is important to believe...

    Acne Cure or Simple and Effective RA Treatment

    by Claire Ferguson, M.A. When I was about 12, I started having severe acne. My mom took me to a dermatologist, and I was prescribed...

    My skincare secret

    How long does your daily skincare routine last? Share to Show your Support! Don't you just hate the fact that you have a long morning...

    Cause of acne

    Did you develop any habits to improve your health? Share to Show your Support! When my son was two, he began to break out in...

    How I️ Got Rid of Acne

    What helps you move forward on difficult days? Share to Show your Support! I have suffered from acne since I️ was 16. It really hasn’t...

    Birth Control For Acne

    Birth control pills are what I was on when I was 13. I was not having sex or anything bad, It was prescribed for me to treat acne.

    Controlled by Acne

    I want to share with you the struggle that I am going through with my acne and how it affects me. I used to get one or two pimples when I was young, now I get them all over my face.

    A Nightmare Called “Acne”

    My daughter has tried everything to help treat acne, but she made it worse when she Googled home remedies. I told her you are going to make it worse.