Controlled by Acne


Do you have any daily routines that help you fight Acne? Comment and Share if you can relate.

I want to share with you the struggle that I am going through with my acne and how it affects me. I used to get one or two pimples when I was young, now I get them all over my face. Every single day I wake up, I look at myself in my bathroom mirror, and I see a new pimple on my face.

I’m 25 years old, tired of seeing myself every single day in the mirror with all the scares, the redness, and the dry blood. The old ones and the new ones. I use all kinds of treatments on my face and nothing has worked.

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I even got Proactiv, I thought that using it would help, but it didn’t. It’s hard to struggle with acne and it affects me in many ways, as I also struggle with depression and my acne is making it worse.

I’m looking at myself in the mirror, as my fingers type on my cell phones letter by letter and as my fingers pressed down my phone it brakes me down it’s like if I’m popping pimples, just trying to think what to write and trying to think of my acne it’s not easy for me….

I stress so much that it gives me headaches. The more I stress, the more it affects my face. I get so stressed that it makes my face feel all itchy. I can’t help it. Everyone tells me not to pop my pimples as it will make it worse, but how can I not.

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I can’t seem to look at myself in the mirror, looking at one white pimple. It makes me feel that people just look at it. I can’t even go out without makeup, trying to cover myself up. Sometimes my boyfriend tells me to go with him to the store, but I can’t, I just want to stay in the car, because I’m embarrassed of my face and I feel ugly.

I wonder what people think, what my family thinks, and what my boyfriend’s family thinks of me. I wondered if they think I’m ugly with all this acne that I have. Sometimes they say little comments and it makes me feel so embarrassed to be put on the spot.

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I just look at myself in the mirror, stare at myself for a good long time and I cry. I’m tired of trying everything and nothing helps. I tried apple cider vinegar, lemon honey, home ingredients, and other products, but nothing seems to help me.

If anything helped you with your acne feel free to share it with me. Thank you for taking some of your time to read a little of my story.

Do you have any daily routines that help you fight Acne? Comment and Share if you can relate.