Diabetes Affected My Family


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I believe diabetes affected my family in a good or bad way. It affected us in a bad way because sometimes we want to do something as a family and we can’t. Either my father’s blood sugar goes down, he’s not feeling well or his insulin overheated.

Here in Texas, the heat is awfully strong and hot. There’s little activity we can do and that is why we love winter because here in Texas winter is our fall lol.

We have 70-degree perfect weather for any activity that’s when we take my father anywhere he wants. Diabetes affected my family in a good way by bringing us closer together like never before.

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We know diabetes destroys lives but we kept our feet down and helped my father fight it. Diabetes affected my father’s mental state at first by making him angry and depressed, it was hard seeing my father cry telling my mother he didn’t want to be sick and actually seeing him lose a lot of weight due to diabetes.

I remember one day I walked into my parent’s room and I saw both of them sitting side by side hugging each other and crying. I remember clearly hearing my mother says “we can get through this together we are in it together me, you, our kids and grandkids, we will never give you our backs and we will do anything possible to make you better, I love you your kids love you and your grandkids love you, even more, we need you”.

I just closed the door slowly and cried and just went back to my room praying to God to send us a miracle. There are times my father breaks out and screams at us things we don’t want to hear but we know it’s not us that’s he’s angry at its what affects him. He later comes and apologizes we say it OK and he doesn’t mean it.

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All that my father has gone through has helped me be more patient with situations I’m well trained for when he has low or high blood sugar what to do how to it how to act. My father’s life is on the line and I have to remain calm and do what is needed to save him I always tell myself this.

My father as of now is doing well he manages his blood sugar and BP, he’s eating all the right foods and is on strict liquid intake due to him building up water on the kidney wall.

When this happens we take him to the hospital to have it drained, we know when he is building water when he starts coughing a lot. His legs swell up or have legs pain and when he lays down he can’t breathe well those are some of the symptoms.

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Right now, he is visiting his new grandchild its a girl and🙂 praying to god he will be here to see all 7 grandkids grow up. This was my story of how diabetes affects my family part 2.

What positive changes has your Diagnosis brought to your life? Show your support by Commenting!