I was Diagnosed with Graves Disease and I have to Live with it

Graves Disease

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Well, where should I start? When I was 8 years old, I was diagnosed with Graves Disease.

My parents took it pretty hard when they found out the diagnosis and what came with it. They felt pretty bad when we were going to the doctor and they kept saying there was nothing wrong.

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My eyes were pretty much bulging from my head and my thyroid gland was bulging out too. I went from weighing close to 200lbs to under 100 within a month.

I never slept, I ate like crazy but I was still losing weight. Now I’ve been dealing with Congestive Heart Failure, Kidney Failure, Epilepsy for years. Now I also have Diabetes, Gout, Pseudogout and ever since I Code Blued for about an hour back in 2009 it’s been hard for me to remember things.

Oh, yeah and coming off of 40 different medications down to 4 even though it came with side effects, but I’m here.

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My wife and son keep me going cause I have something that I thought that I would never have because of my condition. My wife stuck with me with all of my illnesses before we even got married when she didn’t even have to.

There were many times when thought she was going to leave me and even when I was trying to push her away because we both were so young and I didn’t want to hold her back from her dreams.

Grandparents walking with grandchildrenThank God, she stayed by my side to have a handsome son…. just to have both of them in my life is a Blessing and a Dream come true; cause I thought I was never going to get married have a kid, specifically a son to keep my name going.

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But every day isn’t the same, I have my bad days and when I do, I tend to call my wife’s uncle cause he been dealing with a lot more and for a lot more of years and keeps going. But he talks to me and tells me what to do and not what to do when I get down.

So thorough all in all I am a very Blessed Man, Husband, and a Father.

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