Dear Addiction: A Poem to Addiction


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Dear Addiction,

You destroyed over 10 years of my life that I will never get back. You made me do things that I said I would never do. You made me into a person that I always said I would never become. You took many years of my life away from me that I will never get back and continue to cause me to fight to ensure you never wreck havoc in my life again.

Every single day is a struggle. The first thing I do when I wake up is craving a substance that I know will destroy my life. I crave a substance that I know will kill me. I crave a substance that will ruin my family.

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I use this as motivation. I have been to rock bottom and dug my way out. I use my life goals to assist in motivating me to stay sober and to continue my life of being successful. My addiction does not define me. My addiction and substance abuse disorder is motivation to succeed and thrive in life.

You may have broken me, but you did not destroy me. You may have taken from me, but you were never able to take away my kind spirit. You may have brought me down, but you will not keep me down. I will rise up above you and show you what defeat really is. I will live life again. I will be happy again. I will be the real me again. I will win.

Dear Addiction, you may have destroyed me, but I am not defeated.


Matthew D. Gillispie
An Addict in Recovery

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Does this poem speak to you? Comment below!