Addiction is Ruining a Person I Love


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My story is about a good friend I know all my life who is dealing with a very terrible addiction. Let’s start off from the very beginning. I met my friend in middle school through his cousin. When I first met him, he held this big secret from me that he was very ill. I have never understood why because I thought to myself that we were so close he wouldn’t keep a thing from me.

He eventually explained that he didn’t tell me because he knew how it would make me sad and he didn’t want me to look at him differently. I finally understood that. Days, weekends and months passed. It seemed like we got even closer. Our feelings changed and I realized that something is different when I didn’t know what to think or say when I came around him. I had butterflies when he was right in front of me.

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He felt the same. We started going on dates and we were not hanging out as friends, it was more. We were so happy until one day he got a call saying his father passed away. He took it hard, so I haven’t heard or talked to him in weeks. Then, one day I went to hang out with his cousin. He was there, so I stayed the night- he didn’t want me to leave and held me all night until the sun came up.

That day he left to his dad’s funeral. I could see the look in his eyes and face. He wasn’t the same anymore. After that day, weeks and months passed and I haven’t talked or even seen him. However, this one time I came back around and saw him. He was different – so mean, angry and rude. The guy he was before was the only thing I could think about. I am the loving person that could always see through someone and give another chance.

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After years of struggle, he turned to medications as an escape from life so he wouldn’t need to deal with the pain. He was not aware that he’s only hurting himself and the ones who love him the most. He almost killed himself but we saved him. I thought he would look differently at life after that scare of not having one but no. It got worst and it seemed that he was looking for something he’ll never find. He’s drowning in his own pain and can’t get out. We tried everything that could help his addiction but it still there. We have two beautiful kids and I want him to grow up. I wanted to share this story to raise awareness about addiction.

Did addiction affect your life in some way? Show your support by Sharing the Blog!