There Are 4 Stages to Schizophrenia. I Have Stage 1, What Do You Have?


There are 4 stages when it comes to schizophrenia. It may seem to some that it starts immediately with no sudden warning but that’s not the case. It’s always ok to seek help during any stage and you should never feel like you have to wait for a certain stage to seek help. The following stages are the ones that Research Doctors have uncovered.

Stage 1 – Prodromal: This phase of Schizophrenia is when someone begins to develop the disorder. ‘Prodromal’ refers to the space of time when you first start to develop the disease up to the first episode. Little by little you withdraw from society with no real trigger you can see. It’s important to note that if this stage is caught early on and treated, it may be possible to prevent full on schizophrenia.

Stage 2 – Acute or Active: Symptoms of this phase include hallucinations, paranoid delusions, and disorganized speech and behaviors. Hospitalization may be required for some to help them get over their episodes.

Stage 3 – Remission: Episodes have diminished greatly or fully but some symptoms may still be present. These lingering symptoms might include lack of emotion, low energy, and continued social withdrawal.

Stage 4 – Relapse: This stage is just the reappearance of symptoms from stage 2. This stage can be avoided or at least diminished by following a treatment plan set out by your Doctor.

What stage do you have?