Overcoming Trauma


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My story started when I was a boy. My corrupt, evil father raped my sister, and she raped me. After that, I moved with my mom to Florida. She lost her mind and got depressed. Cops came to a house full of drugs and beer bottles, so I was taken away given to a Latino family who didn’t like me. They abused me and tried to drown me in a pool.

I have 4 main siblings, and I say main because my dad got around. I have in total 3 sisters and 3 brothers. I didn’t see my siblings for 3 months. My mom got us back because it turns out the depression pills she was on made her crazy. We moved to my aunt Tarry’s who was rich, so during that time I went to a private school for a year. Things didn’t work out, and we moved back to Michigan. We lived with my acholic grandma who partied all the time.

After that, my mom started seeing a man named Bon who was always mean to us. She was with him when we lived with my grandpa Bob. He was a war veteran, and one time he had a flashback and put my brother’s head through the table. We moved into my rich aunt’s house again. She abused us and used us as tools. She tied my brother and me together and put us in a closet for 2 days.

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We moved in with Rick, a man she had been talking to after she found out Bon was cheating. We went to a trailer on the wood road. I thought my life couldn’t get worse, but it did. He was nice at first, but then he started yelling at us, making me stand in the corner for 12 hours, sometimes whole days. He would force me to my room for days at a time and then started abusing us emotionally, calling us names, hitting his own kid and pushing him into walls and outlets.

He had no respect for anyone. My mom stayed and the hitting he was doing to his own son he started doing to us. My brother pulled a knife on a kid and lashed out, because of the abuse he started losing his mind. We moved after 3 years of being there to a big white house with a huge yard a pond and lots of woods. I love the woods, they are relaxing.

The abuse continues, and he was starting to hit us harder and harder and calling us more names. After a few years, my sisters were already long gone, leaving my brother and me to deal with all of it ourselves. My sisters basically raised my brother and me. When they left everything changed. All my stepdad wanted was me, and my brother to be gone, so my brother moved in with my rapist of a dad and started doing hard drugs and killed his personality.

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I moved out at 17, and I had to work 12-hour shifts. Eventually, I moved back in with my parents. That was a big mistake. My stepdad accused me of stealing as soon as I moved in. I don’t steal or lie, I’ve been through too much to do that kind of things. I moved in with my grandma and 2 jobs later, lost my job a month after being there. At one point, I was homeless and moved in with my ex-girlfriend. She cheated on me the whole relationship, and I didn’t even know it. When I found out I had a heart attack from the stress and was hospitalized.

After that, I moved into my sister’s where I’m currently at. I found chakra and meditation and love for health and the human body. I meditate twice a day and go for runs. I’m writing a book, and I exercise to stay healthy. I handled my life situations better than most people would. I care, I love. I know I’m broken, but I believe in peace for everyone and love for everyone. I hate violence, and I try my best to make everyone feel loved.

Do you have any daily routines that help you stay on track with your life? Share to Show your Support!