My nightmare


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My story starts when I had my first son at 13, my second one at 15, my third one at 18 and by the time I was 22 or 23  I got my tubes tied, but in 98 when I was pregnant with my son they found pre-cancer cells. Now, this doctor has delivered my 2 kids, and he told me that he’s just going to freeze it off and that I have nothing to worry about.

He never checked it again, and I lost my insurance for a couple of years, and I started having really bad symptoms. I was losing a lot of weight and I was in a lot of pain or bleeding. I kept going to the emergency room and they just kept giving me pain pills. Finally, I went to one of those free screening places, and they called me and said I’m sorry, but you have cancer. I asked them what do we do now, and they told me that they don’t treat it, just diagnose it.

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I went to see the doctor that delivered my kids because he’s the one that messed me up. He just kept doing different biopsies to see how fast will come back. I asked him from day one to give me a hysterectomy. He waited, so I ended up getting it 6 months later, but it was the wrong one – he gave me a regular hysterectomy. I went to my oncologist because he didn’t even have the nerve to come back and tell me that it was too far gone and it had spread. He didn’t even get the margins or anything at the tissue surrounding the lymph nodes, just messed me up.

They couldn’t go back in because I would bleed out on the table and I had a 17% chance of survival at this point. My incision got infected, so I had to have it packed twice a day with four by four gauze 2 to 3 times a day. I did it with the help of my husband. We had to do it until it closed up and I couldn’t start the treatment until it heals. Finally, I started the treatment – they had to give me a lot of chemos, it was very aggressive. Also, a lot of internal and external radiation, so I had radiation every day and I had chemo for 6 to 8 hours on Monday.

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By the second week, my immune system crashed, but I was out of the hospital in about 16 days and all in all I mean I did beat it because there was only a 17% chance to make it. They put me on such high doses of narcotics to control the pain and now here it is years later, and I’m still in pain from the radiation. It messed up all the small nerves and my body. My pelvic bone is deteriorated because of the radiation. My lower back is messed up because when your core is not strong, it just messes with your back, so I live in pain daily.

I just wanted to share my story. Hopefully, whoever reads this is going to get the immunization for the HPV virus because I had a small cell carcinoma that was already staged 3B when they gave me the wrong surgery. It’s a miracle I’m here, but now I’m going through pet scans again because they just found a mass in my pelvic region and doctors seem to believe that it’s metastasized from somewhere else, so wish me luck on this.

How did your Condition affect your Body? Share to Show your Support!