Epilepsy Changed My Life


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March 17, 2017, was the beginning of the worst year of my life. That day started out beautiful. The weather was nice and calm and I was up early cooking and baking food for a wedding I had that day. I was so busy, so on the move, making sure everything was okay. I didn’t have time to notice any warning signs. I had the food set up, the wedding was beautiful and everyone at it went home happy.

The immediate family went back to my sister’s house and we all sat outside laughing and talking. I can’t remember anything else but waking up in an ambulance, having a horrible headache and screaming “take this thing off me”.

Everyone was screaming and crying and I didn’t understand what was wrong with them which made me very angry.

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They rushed me to the hospital. All of my family came out there. The doctor came in and looked at me and said: “you had a seizure”. My heart dropped, I thought he was crazy, I knew I would need a second opinion. My family came in and was explaining to the doctor what happened. When I heard them I couldn’t believe it.

My sister said we were talking, then I started staring in a daze, then I just passed out face down and I hit my head. My nephew said he saw me take my last breath then I didn’t move again. He said he gave me mouth to mouth until the medics got there.

While they were explaining what happened I just couldn’t believe it. So I stayed there for a while and then they sent me home with a referral to go to Baylor.

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I got home laid down, and after twenty minutes I had another seizure. My family called the ambulance back because they didn’t understand and this was new to us.
I was there for about an hour again and was sent home. I slept for the next couple of days until it was time for my appointment.

I went to Baylor and after a lot of tests being run, I was diagnosed with epilepsy. I begin to have Seizures at least two to three times a month. It’s been a long road and I’m still on it.

How did Epilepsy change your life? Share to show your Support!