The Correlation Between Asthma and Anxiety


Asthma is a disease that can claim lives when it turns violent. It is a very serious medical condition and needs proper medical attention to avoid serious repercussions. Asthma is a disease that occurs due to the blocked airways and congestion in many cases. On the other hand, anxiety is a health issue in which a person is under severe stress and tension that might lead to other health issues.

Anxiety in itself is an issue that cannot be underrated and there are many instances where a person suffering from a certain disease has an over scaling of the disease all because of anxiety. Apparently, when somebody superficially looks at it, anxiety and asthma have no connection. But people who are already suffering from asthma, if by chance get an anxiety attack have a different story to tell. Even if considering the situation from a simple person point of view, if a person is in tension then he or she will end up feeling suffocated so similarly, an asthmatic person would end up feeling choked in a situation where they are anxious.

Stress in many cases is hazardous as people are worried and tend to forget their routine and hence unable to continue with their lives as a normal routine.

There are few reasons how asthma and anxiety are related:

  • When in stress an already asthma patient might feel forgetful and hence not be able to take his or her medication on time. This can escalate the situation and make it more difficult for them.
  • There physiological changes in case of stress and this is the reason the body starts to adversely react to anxious inducing situations. This would cause the patient to feel choked or suffocated and hence have difficulty in breathing. This results in the asthma situation getting worse.

There are a number of ways that could be utilized to end up avoiding stress-related asthma and they are as follows:

  • The person should identify the things or situations that are inducing stress. By identifying the situation, the person can get rid of completely or temporarily eliminate the stressful situations or factors in their life to avoid anxiety attacks and ultimately an asthmatic attack due to anxiety.
  • Exercising regularly helps a lot. It acts as a pathway to release all kinds of anxiety in the human body. It helps in getting rid of the toxins that promote panic attacks. Exercise helps keep the body much fitter and hence powers it up to combat stressful situations.
  • Getting a fit free and continuous sleep at night is a necessity. Having a good night’s sleep will help in developing a healthy body and fresher mind and thus less prone to anxiety.
  • Be able to share the load. In many cases, the stress induced asthma is due to overloaded work life. People feel piled up behind their hectic work schedule and the stress induces asthma. Sharing workload helps in avoiding such situations.