Making Changes When You’re Newly Diagnosed With Asthma


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Being diagnosed with any chronic condition can be discouraging, if not devastating. And even though people can live fulfilling lives with asthma, it doesn’t change the fact that it can be irritating and force you to alter your lifestyle. But at the end of the day, you can maintain control of your condition and lead the life you always envisioned. Below, CureUp has given you the keys to a healthy and active life with asthma!

Assess Your Living Environment  

Start by taking a close look at your home. Is it suitable for helping you maintain a high quality of life when you have asthma? You might be surprised by how many triggers your home contains that can exacerbate asthma’s impacts on your body. It’s essential to identify those triggers so that you can make the necessary changes.

Pet dander, dust, and mold are some of the most common pollutants that can make life hard for those with asthma. Make sure you regularly change your air filters, keep your home clean, and use an air purifier to boost air quality.

If you allow your pets to sit on couches or fabric chairs, make a point to have your furniture professionally cleaned. Deep cleaning furniture several times a year is a great way to eliminate triggering pet dander. Just be sure to find a reputable service you can work with repeatedly. Seek out reviews and customer testimonials first through online service directories.

Other common triggers include tobacco smoke, pests, and outdoor elements like pollen. As much as possible, avoid being around cigarette smoke, and make sure you are addressing any allergies so they do not trigger asthma attacks.

Consider a New Home

If your current home is not accommodating your new lifestyle, it might be time to find a new one. You need to know what to look for when purchasing a new home, which means that you will need a living space that allows you to make any necessary lifestyle changes to have a healthy life and prevent severe asthma issues.

For example, look for a home that is easy to clean; an example of this would be an open floor concept that helps keep dust to a minimum. Also, consider that older homes may increase your risk of dealing with consistent pest problems (e.g., cockroaches and mice).

Boost Your Health    

Another way to maintain quality of life when you have asthma is to foster your all-around health each day. Try to carve out 30 minutes for moderate aerobic activity five days a week. Research the Mediterranean diet to see if it could fit into your lifestyle, as it is known to reduce inflammation and help mitigate the impact of asthma. And make sure you are adjusting your bedtime routine to get quality sleep. Simple breathing exercises, mindfulness meditation, and taking long baths are a few activities worth trying!

Finally, remember to keep up with whatever medications you are taking. There are plenty of apps on the market designed to help people keep track of their medication schedules.

While you can live a healthy and active life with asthma, it still requires you to make specific lifestyle changes. Make sure your home will accommodate your adjustments, and try to find a new home if necessary. Create a daily rhythm that helps you improve your fitness routine, diet, and sleep habits. And be sure to keep up with any medications you are taking to mitigate the impact asthma has on your health and life.

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