4 Exercises You Can Do Even with Arthritis


People may experience arthritis differently, as symptoms can come and go and vary in intensity. Fortunately, there are exercises that you can do even if you do have arthritis. Engaging in these activities can help you maintain your overall health, and they may be able to help alleviate symptoms.


Yoga is an exercise that many recommend for people with arthritis. It can reduce stress and tension, improve joint flexibility, and help strengthen muscles, and these benefits are all backed by scientific evidence. There are many types of yoga styles; it may be best to look for one that’s gentle and adaptable. Iyengar yoga, for example, can be modified if you have limited mobility, and viniyoga is a style that focuses on breathing while you move.

Source: Arthritis.org


Because swimming doesn’t involve as much pressure on your joints as land-based activities, it could be a good idea for those with arthritis. The buoyancy of the water and the relaxing environment that the water provides work together to help you feel more invigorated while reducing pain. Water aerobics or water yoga can exercise your muscles, and if you’re up for it, lap swimming is a great way to get some cardio in. Both a swimming pool and a hot tub can help relax your joints and ease symptoms.

Source: Aqua Rec


Biking is another activity that doesn’t put that much pressure on your joints. While cycling, you can build stamina and maintain strength while getting a cardiovascular workout. It’s important to find a comfortable bike, especially if you think you’ll be able to ride for medium to long distances. Comfort bikes, often called cruisers, are quite stable, and mountain bikes with wider tires might be a good choice too. Sometimes you can swap out a seat for one with more cushioning.

Source: Six Three Zero

Working Out on an Elliptical Machine

If you prefer to stay indoors, using an elliptical machine can be a way to stay in shape. Because your feet stay in contact with the “pedals,” your knees remain relatively stable, and your joints will appreciate the fluid motion of the machine. Plus, the workout can be customized by speed and resistance.

Source: Ben Greenfield Fitness

Pain management is important for people who have arthritis. These four exercises are all things you can consider trying if you’re dealing with arthritis. They can hopefully help ease your symptoms and pain while giving you a way to stay fit no matter your age.

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