You Broke Down And Cried, Here’s What You Do Next


Sometimes, the loved one you’re caring for does something or says something that just puts you over the edge. Maybe she can’t remember that her son visited her yesterday, and says that nobody loves her. Or says that she is being taken care of by someone else, which devastates you since you’ve been taking care of them for the past year. There are many different stories of why a caregiver might break down and cry. And you know what? Crying is perfectly ok to do.

Crying Can Bring Comfort.

Whether you are crying because of something the person you’re caring for did, under financial stress, realizing that they are nearing the end, or something else. Sometimes a caregiver just needs a good cry.

What you should try to do, if you feel yourself becoming emotional is try to hide it from the person your caring for. They might be confused by this outbreak of emotion. They might wonder if they did something wrong and beat themselves up over it.

If you are caught crying, try to frame the situation correctly to your loved one. If you just brush it aside, they might feel guilty and hold onto that resentment. That might turn into feeling guilty for being a burden and they might get angry at themselves or you.

Be sure to talk to a loved one if you do need someone to talk to. They will have a better frame of mind and can be more understanding of your predicament. They can be your support system that you need to get you through your day to day caregiving.