I Don’t Know Why I Get Headaches Like that


What do you do to relieve migraines? Share your thoughts in the comments!

When I was younger, around 12-13 years old, the headache, leg and arm muscles pain was normal. I thought I’m not the only kid in high school who had headaches and pain like this. I didn’t know why this was happening to me, I was in the class and I had the worst headache in my entire life, I went to the nurse and she gave me Tylenol. I took a nap and it worked.

when I came home I asked my mom to buy me Tylenol in case my headache came back. After 2 months I had another very bad headache, I took Tylenol, but it didn’t work this time. I threw up and cried myself to sleep, thinking why the Tylenol didn’t help this time. I started tracking my headache and remembering what I ate that day that could trigger my headache, so I can avoid those things.

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Around 14-20 years old my headache was coming every 3-4 months and can last up to a day and a half. Between 20 and 29 years every 1 month, I get 2 -3 headaches that can last up to 2 days and a half. Eating too much pork triggers my migraines. I learned to ignore my headache because sometimes it’s bearable when the pain just lingers around and can still focus. Sometimes I just can’t.

The things I do to help relieve it is to throw up everything in my stomach. To this day I only drink Tylenol, because it helps. I’ve tried others, but I don’t like mixing up medicine. I always stick to the thing I am used to, or just deal with it. Now it’s so much harder to deal with it because I have 4 kids to take care of.

What do you do to relieve migraines? Share your thoughts in the comments!