What is the Best Thing To Do for A Migraine Sufferer?


A migraine headache is triggered by enlargement of blood vessels in the brain causing the nerves to release chemicals finally resulting in a severe headache. This even causes various other ailments like diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, etc. There are more than 1 billion people across the world suffering from migraine headaches. Nowadays, more and more people suffering from migraine are looking for a natural headache relief as medication that sometimes results in more severe side effects and pain than a migraine. So, if you have a family member or friend suffering from a migraine and you want to help them, following the below step will be helpful.

  • Ask if there is anything you can do for them

Ask if you can assist them in with maybe picking up the kids, calling the neighbors, make dinner, get something from the store, reschedule a commitment, and much more.  You don’t know all that’s going on in our overactive brains until you ask. With you doing this, you don’t know how great you’ve helped them.

  • Assist them to adjust the lights

Replacing the fluorescent bulbs to a dimmer bulb and also closing the drapes will reduce the light in the house. Lightrays actually hurts a migraine sufferer and it’s called photophobia, and not a fear of light.

  • Take away perfumes and pungent foods

If there is anything you know that can nauseate them, keep it out of their inhalation zone.  You can also take away stuff like chemical smells, gasoline, and other pungent foods.  Giving them an odor- and a fragrance-free zone is just plain kind.

  • Ask if anything could be fun to them

Look around you and find some fun things that won’t trigger a migraine.  That might mean a drama movie, yoga instead, listening to music.  You can each make a list of what’s fun for you and see where they intersect.  Just don’t make the migraine sufferer feel sorry that they can’t do what they might want to do if it didn’t cause pain.  Try to focus on what you CAN do together.

  • Cover up for them if you can

If you work with them at the same workplace or you do things together, try and be able to cover up for their step.  Why don’t you help them talk to whoever is expecting them to deliver “boss or co-worker” know that they’re seriously down?

  • Why don’t you turn down the volume?

If there is anything you are listening to during an attack, it’s like hitting nails on a plank of wood.  The cacophony is extremely irritating because a migraine makes them highly sensitive to sound.  Wearing headphones or enjoying silence is a sweet sacrifice you can make for them.

  • Help them get to the doctors

They might appreciate your presence or hold hands with them during Botox injections or ask questions about the symptoms and medications that concern you.

The above are some relief strategies you can help a migraine sufferer with, and these even provide maximum relief from this ailment. With these given strategies if used together sometimes provide a better Natural Migraine relief.

SOURCE: https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/migraine/treatment/