This is How My Migraines Began


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Back when I was 29 years old, I’m 53 now, I was pregnant with my first and only child. I was doing fine till 6 1/2 months into my pregnancy. I was staying the night with my brother and his partner and we were going furniture shopping. I was feeling a little tired, so I would sit down and rest every chance I got. I was feeling a lot of back pain, not thinking anything about it cause Hey I was pregnant and wasn’t anywhere near my due date. So, I was just thinking it was a normal back pain.

Once we went to a Chinese restaurant after shopping and I ate quite a lot. After that, we went home. Around midnight I got the worst headache I have ever had in my life. At that point, I had never had a migraine, so I wasn’t familiar with how they felt. It lasted all night long and I got my brother and his partner up at the butt crack of dawn and told them I needed to go to the ER. They asked if I was ok and I told them my head was coming off so needless to say they got me in the car post haste.

I started getting really nauseous and they gave me a bucket. I told them to pull over and buy me a Sprite. I drank some of it and immediately threw up. They headed back out to the hospital and I told them to run every red light between where we were and the hospital, which wasn’t but a few blocks. They got me to the ER and my brother told them to SKIP THE QUESTIONS JUST GET HER BACK TO A ROOM. They took me back and I ended up having my son early. I had toxemia. I have had migraines ever since that day. So now I know exactly the day my migraines started, my son’s birthday. 25 years ago this September 5th.

How did your Migraines Start? Share your Story in the Comments!

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