The Shark Attack


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It was dawn and it was feeding time for the sharks when Bernard reached for the smooth, black handle of his passenger door and accidentally bumped the steaming hot side panel. “Ouch!” Bernard said. “That was hot!”
He got in his, shiny, new, truck and drove to the beach, in Florida, by the Gulf of Mexico.

Bernard was brown-skinned, had short black hair, and was tall and muscular. He got out his picnic basket, sat down on the beach, spread a blanket out, and got out his picnic food when he saw a fin in the water. He got out a sandwich, potato salad, french fries, green bean casserole, and watermelon slices, right when he saw a shark fin in the water and knew he had to escape.

“Oh no!” Bernard said. “I’ve gotta get out of here!” Bernard ran as fast as he could, but the shark leaped out of the water like a torpedo, dragged Bernard in with him, and took a sharp, painful bite into Bernard’s leg. The bite hurt like crazy. He felt the razor-sharp teeth sink into his leg. “Ouch!” Bernard said. Bernard still had the fishy smell on him from the fish sandwich he was eating.

Bernard fumbled to get his phone out, pulled the phone out of pocket, and called emergency services because he was limping from the shark attack. The paramedics came by as fast as they could. “Weeoo Weeoo.” The sirens blared loudly. They put Bernard in the ambulance and rushed him to the hospital. By the time he got there, the doctor said he needed stitches. “Are the stitches going to hurt?” Bernard said. “No, I’ll give you anesthetics before I put the stitches in.”

The doctor sewed up Bernard’s leg then put him in a bed, so he could heal. Bernard’s bite was really gruesome. The flesh was hanging off of it, so it would take a few months for his leg to fully heal.

After a few days, the doctor told Bernard he could walk again but he needed to use crutches. He got up, picked up his crutches, and walked out of the hospital. Bernard’s girlfriend was waiting for him there. She drove him home. Once he got home, Bernard got out of the car and went in his home to watch television. He opened the car door, picked up his leg with his hands because it hurt too bad to move. Then, he flung the crutches over to the pavement, and he hobbled into the front of the house…struggling to open the front door and balance on one foot.

Later on, Bernard’s leg was fully healed, and he was able to walk again. He went out of the house and went for a walk. He was still traumatized by the shark attack, but he was glad it was over.

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