Thousands Have Cured Their Migraines from This Simple Trick, This Was His Story


Ever have a Migraine so bad you literally couldn’t move from pain? Well, you’re not alone.

Mark Robinson suffered from Migraines so bad he couldn’t stay employed. He tried everything on the market. Daily Advil, taking a shot of whiskey every day, cold helmets, and even spinning in circles when the Migraines first started. Nothing seemed to work for him.

Mark loved tattoo’s and had 4 of them across his body.

He wanted a new one, so he went down to his local tattoo parlor. He selected the tattoo and sat down waiting for it to be applied. A minute before he was scheduled to have his tattoo added, he had a Migraine attack. This wasn’t just a small Migraine either, it was a massive one. Usually trying to never show emotion, he couldn’t hold back a few tears from the overwhelming pain.

At this point, the tattoo artist walked into the booth and was immediately confused by what he saw. A Grown man with tattoo’s crying is an unusual site in a tattoo parlor. He asked what was the problem and if he should call someone.

Mark, trying to concentrate on the pain meekly said that he was having a Migraine attack.

At this point, having a tattoo done while having a Migraine was immediately out of the question. Adding an additional pain on top of another doesn’t sound too appealing for most people.

The Tattoo artist being understanding of Migraine’s started talking to Mark.

He went on to suggest a new method in treating Migraines that he had performed for a dozen other people in the past. This new method is called a Daith Piercing. It’s very similar to a normal ear piercing but instead of piercing the outer cartilage, it works by piercing the inner cartilage.

From what the Tattoo artist knew it worked similarly to acupuncture.

Mark, still fighting through the pain managed to ask if he could transfer his already purchased tattoo to instead get this new piercing.

What followed next would change Mark’s life forever.

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Images provided by Stone Crow Tattoo Studio, Follow them on IG: stonecrowtattoos