Life-long Migraine Sufferer


How do you treat your Migraine episodes? Share to increase Awareness!

My earliest memory of my migraines, although I’m certain they’ve been earlier than that, was during the week of a field trip in first grade. I remember it so well because it was supposed to be a trip to see my mom perform in a community theater production. I was out the entire week with a headache and vomiting.

I’m 29 years old and aside from knowing now that I suffer from debilitating migraines, I haven’t found a way to prevent or treat them. I’ve identified that hormonal changes contribute, but there hasn’t been a successful treatment for me. If I am lacking sleep, I am guaranteed to get a migraine, and there isn’t an obvious cause for all the other times.

My migraines are always hot flashes, neck pain/soreness, pounding headaches, sensitivity to light, smells, and sounds, vomiting for 12-48 hours straight and followed with full body soreness and exhaustion as my body heals.

I’ve missed lots of school and work, only to recently become aware that migraines are classifiable as a disability when they are interfering with life that much. I’m currently without a job because I quit a long-term position that made my migraines much more frequent over time and I just simply couldn’t do that job anymore. I don’t know what to do next.

I currently only rely on over-the-counter treatment, depending on the time of day if I can handle caffeine or not. They rarely actually stop an active migraine. Prescribed meds have never worked, made my migraines worse, and/or had extra unexpected side effects that were very undesirable.

I think my life-long dealing with migraines has made me less likely to seek medical care for pain and vomiting than, a newer migraine sufferer, so maybe I have missed potential treatments. I’m trying to keep myself educated now that I have the time.

How do you treat your Migraine episodes? Share to increase Awareness!

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