Exercise as a way to manage Fibromyalgia and CFS


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On December 2018, I decided to stop the medication and find relief elsewhere, because the secondary effects were just horrible. Being in medications for almost 5 years had made my body highly resistant to them. By the time I decided to quit, I was taking 450 mg of various medications. I was gaining weight uncontrollably and was on a pre-diabetes stage. I knew that quitting was going to be hard and I prepared myself (mentally) to resist a few weeks, maybe months because I was going to be dysfunctional for real.  

Before I started my journey, my cousin who also has Fibromyalgia decided to quit meds as well. Her experience was very harsh, she was between the bed and being carried out to ER for two long months. But after that, she lost most of the weight she gained and was feeling a lot better. Her experience empowered me to take the risk.

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I stopped the medication intake and, I have to say, it was not that hard. I mean, we are so used to pain, that, a few days under a flare is not a big deal, and, well this time was for a good reason. The first two weeks I was in bed, almost all the time, I had a few fevers, nausea and stomach sickness (I was ready for that). By the third week, I was feeling better. I lost 10 pounds and the difference was so visible. I then decided to start exercising. A few years before I was diagnosed, I practiced spinning almost every day after work. I stopped doing so because of complications between traveling (to work) and my kids after class activities. I have always thought that, If I had stayed in the spinning classes, I would avoid this fibromyalgia nightmare!

My husband’s hobby is bike riding and, he has been inviting me to join him for the past 4 years. I finally joined! The first day I rode 1 mile and got off the bike ready to die. I then tried riding the bike for that first mile for a few days, until I was able to ride between 3 and 4 miles. I then went for 5-7 miles, for a few weeks and then, I challenged myself to ride 10 miles, and so I did. It took me over 1 hour to complete the 10 miles, but boy was that a big satisfaction! Honestly, it was a goal that I did not believe I was capable of. In these 3 months I had (more than a few), falls from the bike, but I recovered and got right back to my bike. Now, 8 months later, I ride 10-15 miles every day. The bike is now my pain relief, stress therapy and my happy hour.

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On Sundays, we try to complete long rides, from 20-27 miles. I challenge myself every single day to beat yesterday! When the ride gets hard, I talk to myself… Something like this:

 – Mind: If it’s hurting it’s because you are beating yesterdays’ effort.

 – Legs: But it is burning?

 – Mind: If it is burning, you are exiting your comfort zone.

 – Legs: Why are you going faster? I told you it was burning.

 – Mind: It’s burning because that’s the muscle I want to see tomorrow.

 – Legs: Ok, got it, is not burning that bad anymore.

 – Mind: Oh really, let’s add weight then! And add speed! Until it burns in new ways!

 – Legs: Ok, I’ll hold on! But, please promise some recoup time.

 – Mind: Yeah, yeah, just remember, we did not come this far to be a crybaby!

I urge you, look for the right exercise for your body and soul, find the right therapy for your everyday life, and I promise you, fibro and chronic fatigue won’t look as badass as the new and improved version of YOU!

How did your medicine affect your Body? Have you experienced any side-effects? Share to Show your Support!