Daily Routine with Psoriasis


A month in the life of living with psoriasis
My routine from scaly to smooth soft skin.

Rise and shine my love, take a shower
Cleanse hair with oilatum shampoo
Lightly exfoliate with a sponge
Use epimax oatmeal shower cream
Pat dry don’t rub
Apply aveeno oatmeal moisturizer

Drink a pint of water
Probiotic yogurt and fresh fruit

Drink a pint of water
Chicken salad
Banana smoothie with coconut milk

Portion mixed nuts, sultanas, and raisins
Green smoothie with water

Drink a pint of water
Fish and vegetables and rice
Portion Dark chocolate

Drink a pint of water
Take an antihistamine to stop the itch
Take vitamin d and b12 and omega oil
Apply dovobet ointment
Sleep and repeat

For one month stop alcohol, bread, and condiments. Citrus fruits, spices,
curries, junk food.

Think about cleansing that gut of yours. Goodness in – goodness out and
all that.

Yes, it’s a pain in the butt however you will feel better. Stay
positive. Invest in yourself, you’re worth it. Good luck fellow
warrior x