Clothes to Wear to Help Manage Crohn’s Disease


People with Crohn’s Disease are in constant discomfort, pain, fatigue, and severe diarrhea. The disease is usually termed as one of the Inflammatory Bowel diseases that can affect varying parts of your digestive tract. The disease results in additional issues because the inflammation tends to get deep into the layers.

Crohn’s disease can cause more severe complications, especially if left untreated. The treatment for this condition is aimed at sending you into remission or reducing the severity of your symptoms. In such a kind of treatment, medication is not the only thing to look up to.

Medical practitioners have recommended several strategies, products, and remedies that can help you greatly manage pain, embarrassment, and discomfort. One of these remedies is the use of the right clothes, which can make your life a little easier.

What you should do in understanding this case is that everybody’s Crohn’s disease is different. It’s an indication that complementary and alternative therapies may not work the same in all the people. Each person needs modified treatment and remedies. This brief helps you choose the most reliable clothes that can help you deal with discomfort, pain, and avoid embarrassment.


One most reliable ways of managing your discomfort after Ostomy surgery is to choose pouches. The good thing is that they come in many different sizes to make it easy for you to choose. You are actually supposed to consider getting a mini-pouch if you are a frequent traveler, want increased intimacy or a sportsperson.

It’s also advisable to choose a throw-away pouch for disposal. You can also opt for one that drains easily. It’s also very easy to choose designer pouches because there are many companies in this industry.

adult diaper crohn's disease

Adult diapers

If you want to avoid embarrassment and minimize the chances of accidents happening, then go for adult diapers. It’s always an imperative thing to wear adult diapers when you are traveling, doing your presentations or when you are out with your friends.

Doing this minimizes some of the anxiety and makes you more comfortable with people. The good thing is that we can easily find really comfortable diapers today at the nearest shop. Look for a brand that looks and feels exactly like underwear.

One big difference between normal people and people with this condition is that they are supposed to put the diaper backward. The fact is that the more absorbent part of the adult diaper needs to be at the front. This is the most suitable thing to do when you are a Crohn’s disease patient.

A-Line dress

Most of Crohn’s disease patients prefer an A-line dress to pants. This is an incredible thing when you are planning a date out or a weekend out with your friends. The reason behind this option is that it’s not tight at the waist. People with this condition should avoid clothes with a tight waist because it can cause cramps.

Pants made of soft and stretchy material

The fact that you have this condition doesn’t mean you can never wear pants. In fact, pants are good for those night outings and several other occasions. Though not all pants will be a good match for you. According to the American Institute for Preventive Medicine, a Crohn’s disease patient should never go for tight-fitting clothes. They are very likely to cause more pain and discomfort. If you should go for pants, ensure they are made of soft and stretchy material that will not compress your waist and the stomach.

Empire waist dresses

Women with this condition always feel restricted because they cannot rock out perfectly like their friends. They have to keep up with so many restrictions to the point that they may not have to put on loungewear. This is because IBD has affected their body image and self-confidence. However, there’s still room for you to look better and rock out amazingly beautiful. This is how empire waist dresses will become your best friend. The reason being empire waist dresses gather around the bust. This leaves the stomach area loose. You won’t deal with pain or discomfort.

Expandable waistbands

Once you get this condition, you have to say goodbye to high-waisted styles. This is because it can affect the way you walk or sit. It can also cause more trouble with discomfort and pain. They are also very likely to affect your symptoms and make them worse. For that reason, you are only left with expandable waistbands and low waistbands.

stretch jeans crohn's disease

Stretch jeans

For some of the patients that would like to lead their normal-like life, you can still choose to go for stretch jeans and low riders. The reason is that they are perfectly fit and comfortable. Though you will have to watch for the cracks.

Use suspenders

This is a good option for men that have had Ostomy surgery. The main reason I consider suspenders instead of belts is because belts add more bulk and may make someone feel uncomfortable. The suspenders also offer optimal stomach support and at the same time, making sure your belly and the waist area is not pressed. Using suspenders allows freedom of movement, which eventually prevents spurts, leaks, and other embarrassment accidents.

Ostomy swimwear

If you still want to live your normal life regardless of the condition and you want to consider swimsuit, always choose the one with a pocket where you will store your pouch. The good news is that you are likely to come across many Ostomy underwear, sportswear, and swimsuits that are friendly and comfortable.

Tops made of comfortable and bendable materials

Lastly, we want to make sure that you have the most comfortable tops for your day to day activities. You don’t have to go for baggy sweatshirts anymore. We have good news for you because the base plates are made using bendable and comfortable materials. You can still wear those thin cotton shorts and snugs. However, you are supposed to wear a two-layers-one snug undershirt. You can as well choose tank top so that you can hold your pouch, but this should be layered with another shirt on the top.