Can a Daith Piercing Help with Migraines?


So what is a Daith Piercing? Well, the Daith is the innermost cartilage fold in the ear. That area of the ear is linked with many pressure points. By piercing it, you sometimes stimulate these points which can bring migraine relief. It’s very similar to how acupuncture works. The procedure itself can be slightly painful depending on your tolerance for pain. If you have gotten an ear pierced before, it is very similar and can be done at many tattoo shops.

Daith piercings have been trending in the Migraine community because they work for some people. When I say ‘work’, I mean that for some people it completely erases any migraines they used to have. Living with migraines definitely sucks, so for those that have 10 or more migraine episodes per month, it might be worth looking into. It is very cheap to do and really only has to be done once, depending on if you do both ears or start off with just one.

Some Doctors say that the piercing might actually work as a placebo effect on some people.

Based on comments on our facebook page, the Daith piercing doesn’t work for everyone. If we had to guess roughly 40-50% of people that get the piercing to feel some sort of relief from it. After having the piercing, some experience no migraines for weeks or months before they return. The time when they don’t have Migraines is definitely fantastic for them. However, if the migraines return, those with the piercing sometimes feel disappointed. Others who get the piercing don’t have their migraines go away completely, however they do say that there is a lot less pain when they do have a migraine.

So there you have it. There is no set opinion on whether Daith Piercings work or not. For some, they work and for some, they don’t. There are also varying levels of the piercings ‘working’ as for some people it just reduces the overall pain they experience from Migraines. We have written some other blogs about Daith piercings that I strongly recommend you read