Why Sex Can Help Relieve a Migraine


Not tonight, love, I have a headache. This phrase is a woman’s best friend. It is their go-to. It is the center of many jokes. Until now. We have decided to dig down deeper and help the men out there overcome this objection from their wife. Why? Because research shows that sex is good for you, good for your relationship, and could be the cure for that migraine. Sex can even lift your mood and be a temporary fix for your depression. We want to know why! We figure if we can tell you why sex can relieve your head pain that you will be more likely to use it to cure your headache instead of medication.


Endorphins are secreted by the hormone systems. They can react with various parts of the body to create reactions. For instance, endorphins can be released to block pain, increase sensitivity, or create feelings of well being and happiness. It is this system that is often manipulated by medications. It doesn’t ease the pain, just the feeling of pain.

When you have sex your body releases these hormones and you feel good. These same endorphins can alleviate the pain in your head before it becomes a migraine.  

How Effective is It?

The most interesting thing about this study is that as many as one in five saw complete pain relief. This means that they felt no headaches at all after sex. As many as three in five saw a reduction in pain of some sort. This may be eye pain, sensitivity to sound and light, or pressure. Isn’t that absolutely fascinating?

There are some studies that are saying that sex at the onset of migraine could work better than some medications. It’s chemical-free and all-natural. Best of all, sex is a free pain remedy. Everyone likes the idea of no-cost pain relief, don’t they?

When was it shown to help?

We all know that our routine helps prevent migraines. You eat the foods you should. You avoid the foods you shouldn’t eat. You drink plenty of water every day. You exercise regularly. Yet, you still get a migraine. That is where sex could help. Adding sex to your routine, or at least getting it on a regular basis, can help to prevent migraines altogether. Having sex with the same partner saw even more relief than having sex with strangers. Perhaps because anxiety is a known trigger for migraines.

Having an orgasm is vital. Having an orgasm releases the most endorphins and therefore can bring you the most relief possible.

Why does it help?

The science shows that it is the endorphins. However, there are many more theories about why sex would help. For example, sex is a great stress reliever. Stress is a migraine trigger. Sex redirects our focus off our pain which can help to prevent us from stressing and worrying over whether or not we feel a migraine coming. Sex changes our mood, it boosts our self-confidence, and it allows us to escape reality for a little while. Perhaps that is why sex is good for migraines?

While we could do a whole article on just the pros and cons of sex for pain management, this is an article for migraine relief. Remember that there is no cure-all that works for everyone out there. With that being said, go give it a try for your situation. Safety first, because having fun is only fun when you take the risk out of it, right? We hope you enjoyed this adult-only side of migraines!