Which metformin brand is best for type 2 diabetics?

metformin brands for type 2 diabetes

Metformin is one of the most prescribed diabetes drugs in the world. It’s often heralded as “the little black pill.” However, studies have proven that not all metformin are created equal. Users with type 2 diabetes regularly report the best results when using metformin made by Eli Lilly, and their experiences validate this claim. Many patients claimed to have used metformin made by a different manufacturer and noticed no improvement in blood sugar or weight loss. Therefore, patients should be careful about which brand of metformin they purchase from their local pharmacy or order online.

type 2 diabetes research study

Other brands include Actoplus Met, Apo-Metformin, Riomet, Glumetza, Obimet, Dianben, Diabex, Diaformin, Dibimet, among others. Here are the reasons that justify Eli Lilly’s metformin over the rest.

Slow-release vs fast-release Metformin

In truth, there are two types of metformin made by Eli Lilly: slow-release and fast-release. To make them as easy to use as possible, both versions are put into tablets that dissolve immediately in your mouth when you take them with a glass of water. This immediate effect is similar to what other manufacturers do for their metformin. The only difference is how the metformin breaks down once it gets released.

The majority of patients will benefit from the slow-release version of this drug because it slowly enters your system over the next two hours. By contrast, the fast-release version may cause blood sugar levels to spike too quickly. Therefore, most users will find that they feel jittery or get an upset stomach when they use this particular type of metformin.

The difference between the two versions is how long it takes to get into your system. They are both immediate-release tablets, but they behave differently once you take them.

Because of these results with different brands of metformin, if you’re taking Lilly’s slow-release version or another manufacturer’s slow-release formula such as NPH, stand fast and avoid switching to a faster version. However, if you’re taking the only brand of metformin made by Novartis (the largest producer of generics in Europe) and your body seems sluggish, you’d rather consider purchasing Eli Lilly’s fast-release version.

type 2 diabetes research study

The problem with the fast-release metformin is that it breaks down too quickly and doesn’t provide a steady stream of energy to your body over the next twelve hours, as does slow-release. Again, there’s also a difference between Eli Lilly’s slow and fast versions.

However, if you’re taking Novartis’ brand of metformin and do not want to change brands, use their faster formula because it’s the only one that studies have shown leads to weight loss. The San Antonio study showed a 3.1% change in body mass index [BMI] for those taking Metformin CR vs. no change in BMI for those on placebo. Thus, even if you are taking metformin made by Eli Lilly, it’s recommended to switch to this formula if you’re concerned about your weight.

Your doctor may never tell you about these differences, but he or she should. it’s important information for all metformin users to know. Note: You can purchase both of Eli Lilly’s metformin online from overseas pharmacies. However, keep in mind that the slow-release versions are often double the cost of what they sell for inside the United State. Thus, it will likely be more affordable to use Novartis’ fast-release version available at a much lower price.