What is a Rook Piercing?


Migraines are not fun. They ruin your day. They make living life impossible. It is a condition that can affect friendships, romantic relationships, and even work relationships. In fact, regular migraines can keep you from being able to hold a job. That is one reason why most people will do just about anything to relieve the symptoms. The problem is, when you turn to medications, that sometimes the cure is worse than the condition itself. Homeopathic remedies offer less side effects with the promise of relief of pain. One of these remedies is a rook piercing.

A rook piercing is done in the top part of the ear. It is at the fold of the cartilage of the ear. The hoop of the rook piercing usually goes through the ear on both sides. It is recommended that you only do hoops and not bars because of the way that it entwines both sides of the ear.

Is it safe?

A rook piercing is a safe piercing. It must be done in a professional setting to avoid complications. It should not be done at home. It should always be done by a professional with experience in piercings. This is because the complications that could come from healing are all based on the environment and the cleanliness of the tools.

How is it done?

First, you will see them examine the ear. They will use a pen or marker made for the purpose of marking piercings and make a small dot where the piercing will go. The piercer will clamp the ear. They will insert a hollow needle through the ear. The needle is removed as the hoop is put in. Be sure that your piercer is using sterilized equipment and is inserting a brand-new hoop into the new hole. They should be wearing gloves when they handle your ear.

What are some possible complications?

The place where the rook piercing goes is in a spot where dirt, hair, and skin follicles could collect. Infections could occur. You could have a permanent hole. You could lose part of your ear, if the infection is severe.

You could have severe pain, swelling, and tenderness. There may be puss with an infection. Draining from the site is a sign of infection and should be examined by a medical doctor.

What does the healing process look like?

The day of the piercing, you are going to have redness, soreness, and discomfort. You may experience a burning feeling. This should go away in a few days to a week.

You need to clean it two to three times a day with a saline solution. Do not cover it. Do not sleep on it. Make sure that your hair is out of the way and does not get wrapped around your new piercings.

It could take six to nine to fully heal. Directions for cleaning should be followed the entire duration of the healing. It is not recommended that you change the hoop or type of jewelry in your rook piercing.

What does it help?

A rook piercing is designed to mimic or duplicate the art of acupuncture. It is believed that by manipulating this point in the ear, you will be relieved of migraine symptoms. Some have seen the duration of symptoms lessen. Others have said that they have fewer migraines with their rook piercing. Remember that not all people find the same relief. It may not work for you. In fact, some have said that the rook piercing made their migraines worse and more intense.

There is the chance that a rook piercing could cause you more pain. Taking out the rook piercing may not be an option. The location of the rook piercing may mean that the hole where the piercing is done could be permanent. Even if you remove the hoop, you will still have an opening.

It is our hope that you found this article informative. You should consider all the possible side effects and complications before you decided to get the piercing done. Talk to your doctor. Research places to get it done. Talk to others who have migraines and rook piercings to see if a rook piercing is a good fit for you.