What Happens During an Asthma Attack?


Asthma is now commonly found among young generation. Often children are a victim of this disease due to the increasing rate of pollution around us. It should be in general knowledge as to what happens during an asthmatic attack. We should know what measures must be immediately taken to control it.

What happens during the Asthmatic attack?

Asthmatic attacks occur due to increased symptoms of asthma. Your lungs are greatly disturbed with this disease. While one is suffering through an asthmatic attack, their lungs go through certain changes, making them difficult to breathe in and out.

Your lungs have an increased amount of mucus gathered. Because of this reason, your lung airways become smaller, letting less oxygen to pass through. The airways, also known as bronchospasm in medical language, tighten and get smaller.

Normally, a person does have mucus in the lining of lungs but smaller amounts. During an asthma attack, mucus becomes thicker, and your bronchospasm gets inflamed. Mucus accumulated also causes irritation in your lungs. The walls of your lungs also swell.

Your breathing rate gets faster. You feel tough to breathe because of the smaller airways. A person might also feel breathless at some time. It all begins with minor coughing. You must keep a check and get it treated before it worsens.

If asthma gets worse, one will feel the following symptoms happening with them:

  • Nonstop coughing
  • Breathless
  • Pressure on chest
  • Difficulty in talking
  • Panic attacks
  • Lips and fingernails might turn blue
  • Pale face

During severe cases of an asthma attack, wheezing will get louder, making it difficult for one to breathe and talk. You are recommended to visit a doctor immediately if you have the above-mentioned symptoms. Before things go out of hand, visiting a doctor may save you from the serious illness.

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