What Causes Acne?


The excessive production of oil from the glands on the face develops blocked hair follicles that do not let the oil to go out from the pores and the result is a clogged pore, and thus the development of the acne, since the bacteria called P. acnes will start growing in the pores and causing acne. Pretty ugly huh? We know that people hate this skin condition since it may cause a lot of issues later. So, how can you treat the acne? Are there any remedies that can help you in the prevention or the healing process? Certainly, there are, but now we are focusing on the different causes of the acne. Since there are a lot of research projects and studies that have established some results regarding this. There are certain myths as well on what to eat or what to avoid or what the potential cause might be of the acne. But as overall to this we can say that the acne must be treated immediately.

So what are the causes of acne?

  • We cannot say for sure that some factor is 100% responsible for the development of acnes. There are few things that might complement each other and cause the acne. The experts think that the risen level of androgen hormone in the blood where the person is a teenager is one primary factor for the development. The high levels of androgen will make the glands on your skin to increase the secretion of oil and the extra sebum breaks the cellular walls and enables the bacteria to grow inside of the pores.
  • Some of the scientists claim that the development of acne can be due to genetic predispositions.
  • The hormone change during pregnancy can also be a cause for acne.
  • The main factors for causing acne are the excess production of oil, the clogged pores, the bacteria and the dead cells of skin.

Which factors can worsen the skin condition?

  • Some factors like the hormones or some medications can worsen the existing acne on the skin. So you need to be aware of this and make sure that you know how to deal with it.
  • The hormones like the androgens in the girls and boys lead to increased sebum, so as the hormones circulate in the blood, can worsen the acne condition.
  • Some corticosteroids, lithium or androgens can also worsen the acne.
  • The intake of bread, chips, bagels or food which is high in carbohydrates can also worsen the skin condition. You will have to avoid the dairy products as well as they can be triggers for the acne. A recent study has shown that the intake of chocolate increases the development of acne. So, providing appropriate diet will help you in the treatment.

Some interesting facts whether these factors can really cause acne:

  • If your boyfriend has a beard – your face might get irritated from his beard sine it creates friction between both of the faces and the production of oil can be increased as well. It is not the same when you rub your face against a smooth on or a hairy one.
  • Eating spicy food – it is considered that the spicy food containing peppers or tomatoes that actually contain the acidic lycopene can cause irritation on the skin at some people. So, if you notice that your skin reacts to the spicy food, avoid it.
  • Avoid using some products that contain ingredients which can clog the pores in the skin. It is commonly known that some of the cosmetic products contain different ingredients, and what ingredient is good for one type of skin, it is not for the other. Be aware of purchasing products that are more naturally-based and that have special formula designed for every type of skin adequately.
  • The hair products like the conditioner, shampoo, mask or anything else can have irritating effect on your skin since can seep into the pores, clog the pores and enable the growing of the bacteria, or causing irritation. While you are washing your hair make sure that you do that at a side so no shampoo or conditioner gets in touch with the face.
  • It is also considered that the smoking can be one of the causes of acne. The cigarettes decrease the oxygen in your body and thus the oxygen that goes in the face, so causes breakdown of the collagen and the elastin, so the skin is more irritated, dry and produces more oil. This leads to the development of acne.
  • If you are wearing a lot of hats most of the time can also be a cause of the acne since the sweat and the bacteria in the pores has the needed environment for developing acne.

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