What are Silent Asthma Attacks?


Silent asthma is a type of asthma that is extremely severe and would occur quite rapidly as well. There is mild or no wheezing before a silent asthma attack. There is a rapid constriction, and inflammation of the airways making the breathing quite difficult. Silent Asthma is extremely dangerous as the symptoms aren’t that visible to the layman delaying the diagnosis of the attack.

Some of the numerous symptoms of silent asthma include coughing, chest tightness, chest pain, feeling pressure on chest and shortness of breath. Whenever you experience such symptoms, it’s imperative to see the doctor right away as you may be prone to a silent asthma attack.

For silent asthma, there isn’t any cure or treatment; however, you can avoid the triggers that may develop into symptoms later. Some of the practical things you can do are avoiding outdoor activities during high pollen season or not letting your pet sleep in your room. There are numerous medications available that can inhibit the symptoms of a silent asthma attack. Some of these medicines include anti-inflammatories, bronchodilators, and asthma inhalers. The usage of medicine regularly can prevent a silent asthma attack.

There are a variety of medicines available to control silent asthma symptoms. Some medicines would only provide relief for that moment whereas others would act as long-term controllers. Anti-leukotriene drugs are also quite helpful when dealing with potential asthmatic patients. Apart from the medications therapies such as cyclosporine, gold, dapsone and combinational therapies are being implemented to help people guide their way through this disease and prevent symptoms from occurring.

There are a variety of treatments available for silent asthma however it’s important to consult with your particular doctor before you choose a treatment. The treatment should be compatible with your lifestyle and most importantly help you diminish the chances of a silent asthma attack.

There are many complications associated with silent asthma including permanent damage to the airways; death is quite uncommon though. Patients will need to be absent from their workplace as there are major breathing difficulties arising from the condition. Occasionally you are hospitalized whereas in some cases doctors confine the patients to their homes.

Patients with silent asthma are extremely fatigued and aren’t able to allow proper airflow through their airways. It’s important to understand the risk factors that may develop severe or persistent silent asthmatic condition within a person. If you are using a sort of treatment without any effect or improvement or asthmatic exacerbation history, you are to consult the doctor immediately.


Peak expiratory flow rate isn’t improved drastically even after utilizing the various medicinal treatments and therapies. As a physician, having through the history of the patient will help you diagnose silent chest at a quicker pace.

With an earlier diagnosis, the chances of avoiding the symptoms are increased. However, if a misdiagnosis is seen on the physician’s part, there can be quite dire consequences on the parent’s health. Therefore, be thoroughly familiar with the silent asthma attack’s causes, symptoms, and treatments.