We Asked Our Community How Their Migraines Felt Like…


We asked our Migraine Community on Facebook how their Migraines felt like. We illustrated some of our favorite descriptions!

Facebook Post: Migraine Support

1. That scene in game of thrones where the mountain crushes oberyn’s skull….. – Yvonne W.

2. Like a gnome lives in my brain and is trying to chisel his way out of my skull. He just keeps moving from spot to spot, but definitely has his favorite spots. Sometimes he sleeps, but never for long. And he’s a sneaky bastard who coaxes parts of the brain to go on strike. He is my nemesis and we are constantly at war. He wins more battles than I do, but I will never stop fighting. – Amy G.

3. Excruciating pain in back of my head and neck on right side along with earache, nauseated, entire body weak and shaky , light and sound makes it hurt more , slurrred speech. I feel so helpless just want to sleep it off – Debi S.

4. As if the nerves and blood vessels at the base of my neck are being rolled over by a semi truck that gets heavier when I move my head below the height of my shoulders. My eye having so much pain and pressure it feels like it could explode all the while feeling extremely foggy and I can’t seem to grab at the thoughts or say the things I want to say. – Jenni L.

5. Like someone hits you repeatedly with a sledgehammer in the back of the head and you are being stabbed in the eye repeatedly while pins and needles are driving through the top of your head and your forehead is on fire all the while flashing lights are spinning around if you close your eyes and when you open them you can only see spots – Angela V.

6. Like a vise getting tighter and tighter and pain shooting down the back of my head into my neck. – Darcy M.

7. flaming hot needles sticking in my face all around my eyes while my brain is trying to push my eyeball out of my head – Tina A.

8. Nausea & vomiting, like someone is pushing my eyeball out from the back, vertigo, droopy right side of face, tingly or numb & hand & foot, unable to form words, light, noise & smell sensitive. Or symptoms that effect your whole body meaning it is hard to function! – Pippa M.

9.  Never-ending brain freeze – Jacki T.

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