My Values of Spirituality


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I have several morals, values, and ethics.

My central moral is never smoking, never drinking, never doing drugs. For the past 24 years, I am glad that I kept those morals high. It was thanks to never doing any of that junk that got me a job as a caregiver, and I have been a caregiver for the past four years.

My morals of not doing any of that junk have been tested. One time someone at my apartment complex pool tempted me to try Marihuana. I told them no and told them the reason why which was I have never smoked, drank or did drugs is because many my friends have passed away from it.

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People look up to me to be a role model to them and not do any of that junk. Another time I was challenged when I was at my family Thanksgiving party and one of my family offered me a beer. I told them no. I am the only one in my family that never drinks. Even the youngest cousin drinks and I will never, I will stick with my rootbeer.

I value spirituality more than I value Christianity ethics cause I know there’s more than the Bible talks about.

Out there, spirituality is about being who you are without being tagged in a religion. My values of spirituality have been tested.

One of the reasons why I chose spirituality is my EX Dad turned the St. James Catholic church against us. They were worshiping him and they had to kick him out when I went to Christian belief.

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Thanks to one of my friends I enjoyed the music at the church. Then My caregiving church went to a Christian church, but I never talk about my spiritual life cause it’s not Christian.

The first time My Spiritual values were challenged was when I told a Christian group about my spiritual journey of being a dream walker.

One of them messaged me and told me to go to a place to repent. She wouldn’t leave me alone till she found me a place. I never went. After that disaster, Christianity wasn’t the same to me anymore. My values are different than Christianity.

Later on, I joined a Christian group at my college, and I felt that I could share my experiences and values of spirituality.

They accepted me even tho I’m different. That gave me hope in some of Christianity even their church accepted people from different religions even tho it main focus is Christian.

If I was not working Thursdays, I would have gone to their church again every Thursday, and if I didn’t have class Tuesdays, I would also go to the Bible study with them.

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Another time my values of spirituality was challenged was with another Christian group with an updated Bible, and once again their values were different from mine.

Now I was thinking about going to a university that plays at my college, but when I found out it’s a Catholic church I knew they were not going to be acceptable in my values. In spirituality and my ex-dad ruining being a Catholic.


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