Uncommon COVID-19 Symptoms That You Need To Know


The coronavirus pandemic shows no signs of going away. As the world tries to get hold of the most effective vaccine, millions of others continue to get infected each and every day and now the death toll has even reached horrifying heights. Currently, in the United States, the coronavirus pandemic has affected more than nineteen million people. As we all know the best way to get hold of the disease, is to stay familiar with all its symptoms, maintain social distancing, personal hygiene and seek the right medical help at the right time. But have you ever thought that what if you actually don’t recognize the symptoms? With the novel virus mutating each and every day, forming new strains, several triggering signs have come into being in recent times. Here in this article, we would be looking forward to some of the most uncommon coronavirus symptoms.

The Most Surprising COVID-Toe Symptom

Most doctors and scientists have known for a long that this new virus is always evolving and several new types of strains are emerging with time. As months pass by, several types of data have emerged to a point exposing the changing nature or form of the novel coronavirus.

According to some recent observations, the most common type of symptoms that doctors have observed across different places are chilblain like fingers or toes in COVID-19 patients. These chilblains are usually known to affect the feet and toes of a person, especially when exposed to cold temperatures. The blood vessels inside the feet get inflamed and the fingers and toes get swollen, itchy, and even red. Currently, the coronavirus is also sort of triggering chilblains and scientists are currently calling it COVID-toes. These COVID-toes can also affect the fingers and can also get accompanied by blisters, pustules, and even pain. According to the medical experts, these COVID-toes show up only when the infection has progressed and it is very commonly seen among children.

chiblain covid toe

Other New Symptoms Of Coronavirus

Newer cases of the SARS-CoV2 virus has also shed light on many unexpected symptoms of this disease. Recently some patients suffering from coronavirus has also shown the following signs which includes:

  • Hiccups.
  • Sudden weight loss.
  • Hair Loss.
  • Symptoms similar to conjunctivitis such as soreness, inflammation, eye discharge, and even eye rubbing.
  • Various types of skin-related diseases such as skin discoloration.

Now Its Time To Stay Alert

As of now, it is indeed very difficult to predict what new symptoms the novel coronavirus will be presenting. The infection is very much unpredictable and doctors still need to learn a lot. Therefore, it is very much important for us to stay on alert. In case you are feeling unwell or witness any of these new symptoms try speaking to a medical expert. It can be something that is harmless or it might even be COVID-19. Until and unless a vaccine comes into being, staying away from the mass and maintaining social distancing is very much necessary. This is the only way to keep everyone and yourself safe from getting infected.