To Someone Who Has Just Been Diagnosed with Asthma


My name is Graham and this is my message to anyone that has just been diagnosed with Asthma.

As someone who has dealt with Asthma for a few years now, I feel like I can offer some words of advice for those who are just entering this new world. It can definitely be a pain to deal with from time to time. Sometimes it might even make you change up whole aspects of your life so you can handle the disease. Believe me, there have been many changes I have been forced to make. Some of them not so easy. However, all of these changes were necessary for the long game I’ll be playing with this disease.

You see, there is no cure for Asthma. There are some options that may relieve symptoms temporarily but there is no cure-all. So you should be planning everything around the idea of living with this disease for the foreseeable future. It’s important to educate yourself now versus later. Knowledge is power and having all the knowledge at the start will make the rest of the journey that much easier to deal with. It took years for me to finally finish a book my wife had given me when I was first diagnosed. At first, I was in denial and refused to read it. Later on, that denial turned into laziness. Then the laziness turned into forgetting about the book. I found it awhile later after the pain became too much and finally dived into it.

Knowledge is power and can make your life easier in the long run. That’s the purpose of this post. To get you to start thinking about the long-term. The best thing to do for the long-term is to fill yourself with all the knowledge that you can, as fast as possible. I hope you take this message to heart, as I wish I had been given this advice when I was first diagnosed.