Tips for Dealing with Fibromyalgia


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have been so many years with Fibromyalgia, and I still haven’t been able to fully cope with it. I tried various things and nothing has been the best solution but a few have been handy and helpful when I needed it most.

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Here are my tips for coping and helping improve day-to-day life with Fibromyalgia and all the flares that come with it:

Be Positive – Focus on the good things in life and on the things you can do. Don’t be so hard on yourself, having a bad mindset will make the days even harder. Do what you can, be proud of what you can do.

Be Open – let people know if you are having a flare. Most people are far more compassionate than you realize, and letting them know you are having a rough day will open the door to communicating and helping you relax and relieve your isolation. Also look into online groups or in-person support groups.

Ask For Help – If you need it, just ask for it. There is no shame in asking for help and most people will be delighted to lend a helping hand.

Distractions – Look for hobbies and/or sources of entertainment that can help you get through the day. Netflix, movies, books, video games, whatever floats your boat.

Relax – Try meditation or deep breathing exercises to help you get through. Meditating is a great way to put a positive start to your day and is a great habit to have.

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What are your ways to deal with Fibromyalgia? 

What is the nicest thing you can do for yourself to feel better? Share and Comment to show your Support!